Law Bulletin Publishing Rebrands as Law Bulletin Media

The 162-year-old company—the oldest family-owned company in Chicago—rebrands to reflect its focus on technology solutions to deliver trusted, integrated content that meets evolving client needs.

(Chicago, IL) — Law Bulletin Publishing Company has undergone a comprehensive rebranding, including a corporate name change to Law Bulletin Media. As a trusted source of essential information and services for the legal and real estate industries, this rebranding positions the company to remain innovative in an evolving marketplace.

“We are changing our name to remain forward-thinking,” said Mike Kramer, President. “This rebranding represents the growth of the company and how we deliver our unique information digitally to our clients whenever or wherever they need it.”

This identity realignment directly reflects the recent, significant growth of the company and outlines a strategy for continued progress in the coming years. The name change is part of an initiative to better align the company’s name with its future strategy and near-term product roadmap.

“More and more, our audience expects consolidated, trustworthy sources of information,” said Sandy Macfarland, Co-Chairman & CEO. “We have been delivering digital products and services for decades and now our brand better represents who we are and where we are going.”

The 5th generation, family-owned business began with the iconic Chicago Daily Law Bulletin® in the 1850s and the company saw rapid change in the 1980s with the acquisition of strategic legal businesses, including Sullivan’s Law Directory®, the Jury Verdict Reporter and Chicago Lawyer® magazine. In addition to moving these products online, the company developed several essential, digital services, such as JuraLaw, Public Notice Network and Lawyerport .

“Having progressed from hot metal typesetting to cloud-based infrastructures, we know how important keeping up with technology is to our business,” Macfarland said. “But it’s the reliability of our strong content that allows us to connect with our audience, leveraging innovative technology.”

With the rebranding comes a new, dynamic logo. The arrow graphic represents the integration and consolidation of the company’s content, converging on one path and in a forward direction. “Law Bulletin” remains as part of the brand to capitalize on the tremendous goodwill the company’s name has in the marketplace. The addition of “Media” reflects how the company has evolved well beyond its days as a print publisher to also deliver digital products and services to meet changing client needs.

Adaptability and resiliency have led to the company’s standing as the oldest family-owned business in Chicago. Rebranding as Law Bulletin Media shows that the company is committed to continuing that excellent reputation for another 160+ years.

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