A completely web-based, legal software solution that combines full-featured case, calendar and docket management with the enhanced content of court calendars, court dockets and court rules.

Legal Calendaring & Docket Management Heritage
An industry leader in legal calendaring for over 30 years, JuraLaw, allows law firms to efficiently and cost-effectively manage cases—and the calendars and dockets associated with them—in a single legal software product.

Nationwide Court Rules & Accurate Court Call Data
With court rules from across the nation as well as state and federal data directly from the Illinois and New York courts, a firm can easily establish a consistent nationwide docketing program. Law Bulletin Media is the only company that collects, reviews, edits and verifies electronic and hard copy court call data.

On the Go Case and Event Updates
With the JuraLawyer mobile application, attorneys are now able to view detailed lists of cases and upcoming events away from the office. With JuraLawyer, they can send notes about the outcome of their events directly to the JuraLaw case, calendar and docket management system where docket managers/professionals can manage and monitor the attorney updates.

Customized Automated Reporting
There are over 100 reports available, including but not limited to case load reports, daily and weekly calendars, conflict of interest reports, case lists by office and more. Reports can be customized and scheduled to be automatically distributed via email each day. This feature is especially important when there are unexpected docketing personnel absences.

And More…
Additionally, court docket information, including future court dates, historical data (orders, motions, pleadings, continuances, and summons) and more can be automatically loaded. JuraLaw also allows an unlimited number of attorneys and personnel to be assigned to a case for tracking purposes.


  • Web-Based Solution.
    No database installation required, 24/7 availability and automatic updates.
  • JuraLawyer App.
    Attorneys can view their upcoming court dates and send updates back to their firm’s docketing professionals via mobile device.
  • Connected.
    Integrates with Outlook and NetDocuments.
  • Scheduled Reports.
    Can be customized for daily email distribution.
  • Comprehensive Illinois Court Call Information.
    Law Bulletin Media’s court team has over 120 years of combined experience.
  • Intuitive Interface.
    User-friendly data entry process requires minimum training and increases efficiency, accuracy and consistency of input.
  • Security.
    For disaster recovery purposes, JuraLaw data can be quickly restored at alternate Amazon Web Service locations and is also backed up at JuraLaw headquarters.
  • Expert Customer Service.
    Experienced former courthouse and docket professionals direct ongoing training and support by phone and in person.


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