Convert public records to new business

Our Illinois public records data encompasses plaintiff/defendant case information reported daily, permitting law firms to mail their marketing message to new consumer clients. If your focus is corporate rather than consumer, we can supply business records as well.

Law Bulletin Media staff are on site at the court; accordingly, our data is current, and case information is frequently available to you the same day the cases are filed.

Whether your staff conducts the mailings or we handle the mailings for you, you’re sure to acquire clients in need.

Our sensibly priced services are customized with your letterhead and message and mailed daily—therefore your staff can focus on other matters.


  • Organizational Information.
    Assumed business names.
  • Bankruptcy.
    Bankruptcy petition information.
  • Personal Information.
    Credit card debt lawsuits, garnishments, judgments and probate.
  • Real Estate.
    Evictions, foreclosure lawsuits and sales.


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