Law Bulletin Media is a digital information provider delivering essential information and services for legal professionals. These professionals rely on us for the latest news, insights, court information, research tools, law practice solutions and business development opportunities.

Law Bulletin Media® is a diversified information company serving the legal, real estate and financial markets. Our deep roots in these markets allow us to deliver the essential news, analysis, legal solutions, events and marketing services that are uniquely tailored to meet the information needs of legal professionals. Beginning with the iconic Chicago Daily Law Bulletin® in 1854, we have steadily grown our business-critical and award-winning content. As the first daily source of court information, we have developed a tradition of integrity, independence and trust. We extended our portfolio to include leading brands that share this tradition, including Sullivan’s Law Directory®, Chicago Lawyer® magazine, and Jury Verdict Reporter. Today we are a digital information and services provider. We have leveraged our expertise to develop new technology solutions that provide our clients advantages to help them improve their practices and grow their businesses. From our best-in-class case, calendar and docket management solution JuraLaw® to our digital platform LawyerportTM that integrates all Law Bulletin Media content into a single service, we continue to innovate to meet our ever-changing and more sophisticated customer needs.

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