Essential profiles for all Illinois state and federal judges

Sullivan’s Judicial Profiles® is now available exclusively through Lawyerport, and is the only resource with profiles for all active state and federal judges serving across Illinois. Researching a judge can provide important and insightful information that can be used to gain a competitive advantage on cases in front of that judge. Present your case in the most impactful way when you better understand your judge’s background and preferences.

*Judicial profiles are only available through Lawyerport’s Legal Research-level subscriptions. For more information on accessing judicial profiles, please reach out to your Lawyerport Account Manager or visit Lawyerport.


  • Judge Biographies.
    Rely on a single source for the most extensive biographical information on every active judge presiding in Illinois.
  • Judicial Backgrounds.
    Learn a judge’s educational background, employment history and prior law firm affiliations.
  • Case Histories.
    Review their case history with cites to the judge’s cases from the Jury Verdict Reporter.
  • Legal Publications.
    Identify pertinent judge-authored publications.
  • Conflicts of Interest.
    Identify possible conflicts of interest.
  • Archival Information.
    Find judicial profiles of former judges in Lawyerport.


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