Mahoning County’s legal, financial and real estate news

The Daily Legal News is a daily publication devoted to legal, financial, real estate and general news. The Daily Legal News is a newspaper of general circulation that has been serving the Mahoning County community since 1924. It has been designated by the federal, county and municipal courts as the official law journal of Mahoning County, Ohio.


  • Community Focus.
    Providing daily legal, financial, real estate and general business news affecting Mahoning County, Ohio.
  • Breaking News.
    Complete court coverage includes the Court of Common Pleas, Ohio’s 7th District Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Court and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
  • Public Records.
    Access to Mahoning County public records, including mortgage transfers, land contracts, building permits, marriages, deaths and more.
  • Public Notices.
    Official publisher of public notices.
  • Real Estate.
    Listing of residential and commercial real estate for sale or lease.


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