In fact, the company has been changing. Over the course of the last several decades, we have diversified our business, acquiring and creating critical legal and business information. We’ve expanded beyond the world of print, moving all of our products online, and developing new digital products and services available wherever and whenever our clients need them. We’ve long been a trusted beacon to the legal community, but these changes have also incrementally transformed our company.

In recognition of this, we’ve changed our name. Law Bulletin Publishing Company is now Law Bulletin MediaTM. The new name better represents the company we are now: a digital content provider delivering essential information and services to legal and real estate professionals.

As Law Bulletin Media, we can remain nimble and continue to engage our evolving audience in a competitive landscape. More and more, our consumers desire consolidated, dependable sources of information and our portfolio of award-winning content—delivered across platforms—provides exactly that.

With the rebranding comes a new, dynamic logo. The brighter color palette is intended to make Law Bulletin Media more welcoming and energetic while the evolution from gray to red represents how the company’s products and services have become more sophisticated and attractive. The graphic arrow makes use of a flock of parallelograms, converging on one path and in one direction. The subtle curves and uniting of the shapes represent our integration of company content and our moving forward in delivering critical information that adds to the knowledge base of our consumers.

We kept “Law Bulletin” in the brand to capitalize on the tremendous goodwill our name has in the marketplace. We added “Media” to reflect how our focus has changed. We deliver digital information that is useful and actionable that our customers use to implement meaningful change in their own businesses on behalf of their clients.

Dating back to our roots in 1854, adaptability and resiliency have led to our standing as a trusted source of legal information and services. Rebranding as Law Bulletin Media shows that the company is committed to continuing that excellent reputation for another 160+ years.

Tell us what you think of our new image at info@lawbulletinmedia.com.