Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Westin Chicago River North Hotel

3 MCLE Credits

Law Bulletin Seminars hosted its 10th Annual Symposium with the Judges event on November 13, 2019 at the Westin Chicago River North. This event provided sitting judges from Cook County with a forum in which to share their wisdom and advice with lawyers.  Following opening remarks from Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, the audience of 200 trial attorneys heard from twelve judges in four unique panel discussions throughout the afternoon.  As panelists, the judges fielded questions, offered candid comments, provided valuable advocacy tips and revealed the policies and procedures unique to their courtrooms. Each session was led by a noted trial attorney, who elicited judicial guidance and candid commentary on topics that are critical for success at the trial level: jury management, communication with witnesses and parties, motions in limine, filing motions, and the State of Law Division. Illinois attorneys earned three MCLE credits, and attendees enjoyed the cocktail reception that followed the program.

From the Circuit Court of Cook County, Law Division:

  • Hon. Janet Adams Brosnahan
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Elizabeth M. Budzinski
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Thomas More Donnelly
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Melissa A. Durkin
    Motion Section
  • Hon. Timothy C. Evans
    Chief Judge
  • Hon. Kathy M. Flanagan
    Supervising Judge, Motion Section
  • Hon. James P. Flannery, Jr.
    Presiding Judge, Law Division
  • Hon. Christopher E. Lawler
    Motion Section
  • Hon. Thomas V. Lyons II
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Marcia Maras
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Brendan A. O’Brien
    Motion Section
  • Hon. Irwin J. Solganick
    Trial Section
  • Hon. Rena Marie Van Tine
    Trial Section

Discussion Leaders:

  • Joseph W. Balesteri, Partner
    Power Rogers & Smith, LLP
  • Marilee Clausing, Managing Partner
    Hall Prangle & Schoonveld, LLC
  • Michael P. Cogan, Founding Partner
    Cogan & Power, PC
  • Patricia S. Kocour, Partner
    Swanson Martin & Bell, LLP

Opening Remarks

Hon. Timothy C. Evans, Chief Judge. Circuit Court of Cook County


Session 1 – Essential Update: The State of Law Division

Hon. James P. Flannery, Jr., Presiding Judge, Law Division

Hon. Irwin Solganick, Trial Section

Hon. Marcia Maras, Trial Section

Discussion Leader: Patricia S. Kocour, Partner, Swanson Martin & Bell LLP


Session 2 – Motion Practice: When and Where to File

Hon. Kathy M. Flanagan, Supervising Judge, Motion Section

Hon. Melissa Durkin, Motions Section

Hon. Brendan A. O’Brien, Motion Section

Discussion Leader: Joseph Balesteri, Partner, Power Rogers & Smith LLP


Session 3 – No Games: Communication with Witnesses and Parties

Hon. Thomas More Donnelly, Trial Section

Hon. Chris Lawler, Motion Section

Hon. Janet Adams Brosnahan, Trial Section

Discussion Leader: Marilee Clausing, Hall Prangle & Schoonveld


Session 4 – Jury Management: Tips to Select and Sway the Jury

Hon. Elizabeth Budzinski, Trial Section

Hon. Thomas V. Lyons II, Trial Section

Hon. Rena Marie Van Tine, Trial Section

Discussion Leader: Michael P. Cogan, Founding Partner, Cogan & Power PC