Four Law Bulletin Employees Honored at Kogan Awards

(Chicago, IL) — Law Bulletin Publishing Company congratulates John Flynn Rooney, Timothy O’Neill, Lauraann Wood and Roy Strom for being honored at the 27th annual Kogan Awards.

Since 1989, the Kogan Awards have been presented by the Chicago Bar Association each year, recognizing local journalists for their legal affairs reporting.

John Flynn Rooney, a 27-year veteran of the Law Bulletin, announced his retirement last August due to the progression of ALS. Rooney was awarded a special “career” Kogan Award for his years of observing and reporting on the law, courts and legal profession. Former CBA president, Justice Michael B. Hyman, regarded Rooney, saying, “Our legal community was truly fortunate to have had such an honorable and capable reporter as John. On a daily basis, John told our stories, and told them with integrity and accuracy, insight, and dedication to the highest ideals of journalism.”

Timothy O’Neill was presented with one of two Meritorious Awards for his piece “Justice Kennedy Shines Light on Prisons’ Dark Side in Concurrence,” which magnified the long-term effects of solitary confinement. This is O’Neill’s second year in a row winning a Kogan Award.

Lauraann Wood received the second Meritorious Award for her pursuit of answers from the Illinois statehouse regarding the pension fight and the legal issues surrounding it.

Roy Strom was awarded in the “Print-Feature or Series” category for his expose, “Prosecutor. Police Chief, Perhaps Both,” which questioned why the LaSalle County State’s Attorney was allowed to set up a team of investigators that formed a de facto secondary police force in the county. His article revealed that money seized from drug traffickers was not getting to its appropriate destination. This is Strom’s third year in a row winning a Kogan Award.

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