Bringing together the leaders in our community is a critical aspect of the annual JVR Trial Lawyer Excellence Awards. We have identified some impressive awards, but with the uncertainty of being able to maintain in-person safety due to the delta variant, we have made the difficult decision to again postpone the awards until 2022. We look forward to being able to greet you in person and raise a glass to your and your colleagues’ accomplishments in 2022.

As we did last year, we have decided, to host a brief virtual event in which we will:

• Recognize the top firms highlighted in the 2021 JVR Settlement Report published in the Chicago Lawyer magazine
• Share some trend information on outcomes by case type and jurisdiction.
• And offer some tips for preparing for your mandatory pre-trials and mediations.

John Kirkton, Editor          Peter Mierzwa, President

Click below to view this short and informative video.