Please fully complete this form to alert the Jury Verdict Reporter to the settlement of a civil matter, and to assist us in publishing a summary of the case. When you submit a settlement report form electronically, you will automatically be sent a confirming email, identifying what you sent to the Jury Verdict Reporter and when.

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If you would like colleagues to review this report, please enter their email(s) in the field labeled “email address for internal review and revision.” Next, click the “send draft report for internal review/revision” button. The recipients will receive an email link that will allow them to review and revise your completed form. The form can be sent to additional reviewers. Any changes to the form will overwrite prior information. No information has been transmitted to the Jury Verdict Reporter. Your submission will remain “pending” until someone reviewing the content clicks the button to “submit the final report to JVR."

Once your form is complete, click the “submit final report to JVR” button. You will be presented a final review copy of your case summary. Clicking submit at this point will send your final form to the Jury Verdict Reporter. You will also receive an email with a copy of your submission.

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