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April 8
Make your legal research more efficient and informative by utilizing next generation…

Illinois Legal Research – Finding Needles in the Legal Information Haystack

Make your legal research more efficient and informative by utilizing next generation tools to better analyze your cases and improve your overall practice. Find “needles” in the haystack of legal information. Knowing your judge, your opposing counsel, local court rules, the value of your case, and local legal news all play a part in your success handling your clients’ matters. Without answers to these questions attorneys may not be able to provide their clients the best representation and risk missing vital information that could have a critical impact on the outcome of their cases. Lawyerport is a research service used by attorneys, judges and other legal professionals to answer many of these important questions. This program will provide researchers guidance on how to find answers to challenging and complex questions such as what is the value of a case, and ultimately gain knowledge that will allow for improved client representation.

Specific topics to be covered:
• Research a judge                                                                                   • Research opposing counsel or prospective co-counsel
• Investigate and research in-house counsel                                     • Investigate and research expert witnesses
• Research current litigation trends                                                    • Research and leverage historical news data
• Evaluate your case                                                                               • Prepare your case
• Avoid case management pitfalls                                                       • Expand your due diligence of parties to a law suit